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FLM no prescriptionEyes infections are especially dangerous, since in the absence of an appropriate treatment, this can lead to undesirable consequences such as corneal damage and blindness. To prevent this, you need time to start antibiotic therapy.

Gentamicin Eye Drops can cope with even the most severe eye infection. Gentamicin Eye Drops is one of the most effective antibiotics for the treatment of eye infections. It is characterized by a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is equally effective in destroying Gram-negative pathogens, anaerobic bacteria, Gram-positive coccus and many other bacteria. Bacteria resistance to Gentamicin develops rather slowly, so even long-term treatment does not cause a weakening of treatment effect.

Gentamicin Eye Drops has a glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. Eye drops have also active components, such as dexamethasone phosphate, which can increase efficacy and expanded spectrum of pharmacological activity.

Pharmacological effect is based on bactericidal activity. Main active ingredient of Gentamicin causes destruction of the cell walls of microorganisms and disrupts protein exchanges in developing infected cells. As a result, the bacteria quickly lose their ability to grow and divide and quickly die.

Indications for the use:

  • Infections of the anterior segment of eye and adnexa by bacteria that are sensitive to Gentamicin: conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, hordeolum
  • Allergic processes anterior segment of the eye, accompanied by bacterial infection
  • Prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes after ophthalmology surgery

Before you buy Gentamicin Eye Drops online, it is advisable to consult a doctor to get a complete eye examination and determine the sensitivity of the bacteria to the antibiotic. It is important to assign the correct treatment plan, as it will help to keep your vision in good conditions and do not cause damage to the optic nerves.

Ways of use and dosage:

Gentamicin Eye Drops is used only externally, respecting the multiplicity of daily use and dosage. Do not forget that it is an antibiotic and exceeding permissible dose, may adversely affect the course of treatment.

  • Gentamicin must be instilled into the conjunctival cavity 1-2 drops 3 - 4 times per day.
  • High frequency of use of the drug stipulates due to a brief period of action Gentamicin Eye Drops and a special body organ the drug is used in.
  • To instill eye drops in the right place, you need to tilt the head back up, pull the lower eyelid down that open a cavity into which medicine must be instilled.
  • Duration of treatment depends on the clinical data and the observed therapeutic effect of the drug. On average, the treatment lasts for about 2-3 weeks, after which the need of antibiotic is disappeared.

If it is necessary to get another long-term treatment, you should take a break and then resume therapy.

Warnings And Precautions:

  • Before instillation Gentamicin Eye Drops you should remove contact lenses (if you continue to use them with a doctor's permission) and reinsert them in 15-20 minutes after instillation.
  • Immediately after instillation transient blurred vision can happen, so you should avoid driving vehicles within half an hour after instillation
  • Usage of the drug during pregnancy and lactation must be consulted with the doctor. Deep safety pharmacology studies have not been conducted in this group of patients.

Contraindications for the use:

  • Ocular tuberculosis
  • Viral diseases of the eye (pox, herpes)
  • Acute ulcerative \ purulent lesions of the cornea
  • Glaucoma

Possible adverse effects:

Most likely during applying Gentamicin Eye Drops you can experience some local side effects:

  • burning feeling and tingling in the eye,
  • increased intraocular pressure,
  • eye redness,
  • local allergic reactions.

In case of adverse reactions it is not required to take any medical intervention, as side effects usually disappear within 3-4 days after starting treatment. In the case of systemic adverse reactions and increased eye irritation, seek medical help and modify the treatment or medication.

Where to buy Gentamicin Eye Drops online?

Eye drops can be bought in local drugstore, but as a rule, the cost of medicines is very high. If you do not want to overpay for drugs, you can buy Gentamicin Eye Drops online and get a discount for large orders. Drug price in online pharmacy is much cheaper, and the buying process will be easier and faster.

Buy Gentamicin Eye Drops online