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Lumigan no prescriptionGlaucoma is a serious ophthalmic pathology induced by ocular hypertension. Despite the fact that this disease carries a lot of implications for eyesight health, a clinical course is asymptomatic. You may feel uncomfortable symptoms of glaucoma, such as eye pain, burning, feeling tired eyes, but not understand the reasons.

If you have noticed similar symptoms you should call you doctor and check your eyesight and intraocular pressure. If it is high, you need to start treatment immediately. Lumigan can reduce the intraocular pressure and stop glaucoma.

Lumigan is a medical drug for the treatment of glaucoma. Many people call this drug cosmetical and often use it for another purpose: increasing the length of the lashes.

Main active ingredient of the drug is Bimatoprost. It is an unsaturated fatty acid, similar to hormones. Getting into the eye Lumigan helps to maintain the balance of inflow and outflow of ocular fluid. The imbalance of ocular fluid can increase pressure, and it can lead to poor blood supply to the eye and worsen the work on the optic nerve.

The action of the drug goes unnoticed for the patient. The drug has a direct effect on the channels through which the hydatoid goes away from the eyeball. Expanding these channels, Lumigan accelerates the reduction of intraocular pressure and reduces the pressure to the eyes.

Bimatoprost acts as a hormone that is why it has a cosmetic effect. During the clinical studies some patients noticed that eyelashes begun to grow and the volume of eyelashes was increased as well. The process was very fast and in four weeks the eyelashes grew significantly. The scientists discovered that Bimatoprost affects the follicles in the eyelids, increasing their number. The number of eyelashes was increased and in addition they grew much longer. Nowadays you can use Bimatoprost as a natural solution to make your eyelashes grow faster. However you have to know that there are some contradictions. It is very important that you consult your doctor and check your eyes with a profession test.

Indications for the use:

  • Open-angle glaucoma
  • Angle-closure glaucoma
  • Control of ocular hypertension

Unlike most eye drops Lumigan can treat all forms of glaucoma. The drug has a general effect and acts equally well in pathologies of the visual organs caused by ocular hypertension.

Ways of use and dosage:

Lumigan must be applied externally instilling drops in the affected eye. You have to understand that the treatment of glaucoma is a long and difficult process, so treatment is slow and therapy usually lasts a few months.

  • The optimal dose for glaucoma is 1 drop in each affected eye 1-2 times a day.

It is recommended to instill the eye drops in the evening, before bedtime. If you take medication 2 times a day, then it must be scheduled to use the medicine every 12 hours. Lumigan is instilled beneath the eyeball, in the lower eyelid. To do this, you need to pull a lower eyelid down, lift your head up and instill the drug. Try to keep the drops go to the right place, because when the drug goes on the eyeball, or upper eyelid, it may leak.

Warnings And Precautions:

  • You have to take away your contact lens
  • There are no evidences that Lumigan can harm the fetus. However you have to consult your doctor if you plan to use Lumigan during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • If you have had the allergy to the medical components which are in the content of Lumigan, or individual intolerance of Bimatoprost, the use of this medicine is not recommended. In this case, it is needed to replace the drug by the identical one which does not contain components you have allergy to.

Possible adverse effects:

In some cases Lumigan can causes itching or burning of eye mucous, congestion of the conjunctiva and eyelids, darkening of the eyelid skin, dryness in the eyes. These side effects are very possible and moderated in action and almost unnoticeable. As usual they last no longer than 2-3 days. Patients with hypersensitivity to Bimatoprost, may experience some allergic reaction. In this case, you need to stop treatment and consult a physician.

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