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Zaditor no prescriptionAllergic conjunctivitis causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye and strong itching and edema. If the anti-allergic therapy is not started in time, edema may be increased, and the patient may experience the worsening of the allergic reaction symptoms. Pain in the eyes appears and vision may be disordered in the future.

In order to stop the allergic conjunctivitis and reduce the intensity of the symptoms of this disease, patient are recommended to buy Zaditor online.

Zaditor is a sterile opthalmologic products with anti-allergic effect. Its active component Ketotifen is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drug which has a mild H1-histamine blocking activity.

The mechanism of the action is connected with stabilization of membranes of mast cells and reduction of the release of histamine, leukotriene and other biologically active components which tale place in the allergic reaction from them.

Zaditor helps to stop itching in the eyes, edema of lids, painful sensations and redness of the mucous membrane of the eyeball. During the simultaneous treatment you will manage to reduce the symptoms of the allergic reaction as well as stop the systemic processes which occur during conjunctivitis. You will be able to save your vision, resist better to a wide range of allergens.

Many eye drops having antihistamine action provide a short-term relief of the symptoms and require a frequent use. Using the eye drops of Zaditor you do not have to use the drug every couple of hours. Each dose acts within 12 hours and you should use the eye drops 2 times a day. And for the prophylaxis of the allergic conjunctivitis the medicine may be used once a day.

Indications for the use:

  • allergic conjunctivitis

The prescription of Zaditor for other allergic diseases of the eyes is possible if the patient has a positive clinical image in response to the therapy with Zaditor. It may be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of the opthalmologic diseases but only of the allergic character. During the infectious diseases of the eyes and also diseases which are caused by the chronic pathologies Zaditor is ineffective.

Ways of use and dosage:

Zaditor eye drops are used only externally instilling the drug into conjunctivitis sack. It is needed to avoid applying the drops to the eye because the part of the drug may be leak away, and the eyeball may be irritated ad the treatment will be less effective.

  • Zaditor eye drops should be instilled into each affected eye one drop 2 times a day (in the morning and evening)

Before applying the medicine it is needed to remove the contact lenses at least 10 minutes before it. The contact lenses may be used again in 20 minutes after the instillation of the drug.

To make the medicine reach the right place it is necessary to pull the lower lid and broaden the conjunctivitis sack. The medicine should be instilled there. After the use of the medicine it is needed to close the lid and press to the inner corner of the eye by the finger.

Warnings And Precautions:

  • Avoid dust and dirt reaching the tip of the bottle with eye drops. During the use of the bottle it is needed to keep the hygiene rules in order to avoid infections of the eye.
  • Do not use drops more often than it is stated in the instruction. The overdose may cause a negative reaction of the body.
  • Using two drugs for the treatment of the opthalmologic pathologies it is needed to use them with a break, for at least 15 minutes

Contraindications for the use:

  • Individual intolerance of ketotifen
  • Pathologic affections of cornea or other parts of the visual organ
  • Childhood

The use of Zaditor is possible during pregnancy and period of the lactation if it is not harmful for your fetus. Consult a doctor, maybe he/she will change the scheme of the treatment of dosage.

Possible adverse effects:

The side reactions which are observed during the use of Zaditor in the process of the clinical studies have had a mild character and passed within several days.

Usually, the side effects include: dry eyes, some redness or itching of the eyes. Often, the side effects are confused with the symptoms of conjunctivitis, and therefore they do not take them into account.

If the patient has the intolerance of Zaditor, he/she may experience allergy. In this case, the treatment should be terminated and this product should be replaced by the identical one but with another active component.

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In order to prevent the course of the allergic reaction we recommend to buy Zaditor online and start the preventive measures before severe reaction and increase of itching and burning will occur.

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